Massena Savings & Loan

In addition to our personal accounts and loans, Massena Savings & Loan also provides a full range of other popular banking services to our customers, including:


Free Checking

Personal Checking Accounts:

  • No Monthly Fee
  • Tiered Interest

Commercial Checking Accounts:

  • $10 Monthly Fee
  • Non-Interest Bearing

Online Banking & Bill Pay

Online Banking

  • 24/7 Service - Log in anytime you want, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, holidays, Sundays, even in the middle of the night with...
  • Complete Control - Check balances, transfer funds, track account activity. Just about everything you would do in person, except now you can...
  • Bank wherever you want - From home, on vacation, from the office, the airport, the train. All you need is internet access and you can manage your account with more convenience than ever before.

Online Bill Pay

Save time and money when you pay bills online!

  • No more stamps!
  • No more envelopes!
  • No more bounced checks or late payments!
  • It's guaranteed or we pay the penalty!

Sign Up or Login to your account: ONLINE BANKING

Massena Savings & Loan Check Card

It's a check free and hassle free way to make purchases.  It offers the convenience of a credit card without incurring debt.

The MS&L check card allows you to purchase up to $2,000 in goods or services and $500 in ATM withdrawals per day with no annual or monthly fees.

For security reasons, Massena Savings & Loan debit cards only work in the United States and Canada.

For lost or stolen debit cards, call 1 (800) 264-5578.

Features and Benefits:

  • Customer Convenience:  Get cash and make purchases by deduction directly from your N.O.W. Account (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).
  • MS&L Check Card is an ATM card and can be used to make cash withdrawals at any NYCE or PLUS ATM locations around the USA and Canada, including our own ATM machines at 255 Main Street in Massena and 155 Lincoln Street in Waddington.
  • Our Check Card is accepted anywhere the MasterCard logo is displayed.  Grocery stores, Department Stores, Gas Stations, & Restaurants.
  • Receive Receipts and detailed transactions for easy record keeping on your NOW account statement.


Drive Up ATM

Our ATM machines are located near our drive-in facilities at 255 Main Street in Massena and 155 Lincoln Street in Waddington. You can make withdrawals, deposits or check your NOW account balance. Your new Visa Check Card can be used without any fees.  In addition, any debit or check card that you have that has NYCE or PLUS logos can be used.

Drive-in Facilities

Our drive-in facilities are the fast and convenient way to pay your bills or deposit your money.  Our drive-in teller is always available to meet any of your needs or concerns.  And the two microphones which accompany the drive-in areas allow you to speak freely to any one of our tellers.

Night Deposit Vault

Our night deposit vault allows you to pay loans or deposit money into any of your savings accounts after hours. For example, your mortgage payment on your house is due today, but you can't make it to the bank because you can't find a babysitter for your kids and you forgot to pick up your oldest son at his baseball game.  Simply drive through the first drive-in area and drop any payment or deposit into the metal box.

Bank By Mail Service

This service is for those established customers who have relocated to different cities or states.  Bank by mail is simply that:  you can pay loans by sending us your loan book along with a check or you can make deposits into any one of your accounts.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Do have a family heirloom that is very special to you?  If so, then our safety deposit boxes are available for protection of such valuables.  Our safety deposit boxes come in four different sizes:

  • 3" x 5"
  • 3" x 10"
  • 5" x 10"
  • 10" x 10"
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